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List of our Past Webinars

Date Organizer(s) Webinar Title / Topic
13 April-23 ISUCRS & IRCPS International Webinar on Rectal Cancer
2 July-22 ISUCRS Webinar on Ambulatory Surgery in Proctology
22 May-22 ISUCRS Webinar on Appendicitis Current Management and Controversies
24 April-22 ISUCRS Webinar on Anal Cancer
12 March-22 ISUCRS Webinar on Ostomy Care
24-Oct-21 ISUCRS Obstruction Defaecation Syndrome
26-Sep-21 ISUCRS Current Robotic Systems in Colorectal Surgery – Atep Towards a New Horizon
18-Jul-21 ISUCRS & ACRSI Fistulacon
20-Jun-21 ISUCRS Fecal Incontinence – A Global Problem and a Challange for the Experts
6-Jun-21 ISUCRS Colorectal Surgery – Looking forward to a Safer Future
23-May-21 ISUCRS Master of Masters – Stanley M. Goldberg
24-Apr-21 ISUCRS Masterclass on Hemorrhoidal Treatment
28-Mar-21 ISUCRS Rectal Cancer – “Sphincter Saving Strategies in Rectal Cancer Treatment”
21-Mar-21 ISUCRS & BSCRS How I Do It?
31-Oct-20 ISUCRS Robotic surgery Optimal complete mobilization of the Rectum ‘The Rainbow Method’
3-Oct-21 ISUCRS The Pursuit of Control in Rectal Cancer’
26-Sep-20 ISUCRS TAMIS 10 years later
20-Sep-21 ISUCRS ISUCRS Vilnius Rectal Cancer Webinar
22-Aug-20 ISUCRS DICA Classification. A New Approach for Diverticular Disease
1-Aug-20 ISUCRS The Rectal Cancer Conundrum ‘Modernization of the TNM Staging System’
28-Jun-20 ISUCRS & BSCRS & ACRSI Update on the management of rectal carcinoma
27-Jun-20 ISUCRS LARS – Etiology and preventive surgical techniques
7-Jun-20 ACRSI Writing a Scientific Research Article
6-Feb-20 ISUCRS Current Strategies in Diverticular Disease
21-Mar-19 ISUCRS Scientific research & Robotic Surgery: A Tragic Opera
12-Dec-18 ISUCRS How & When to Evaluate The Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy in rectal Cancer
24-Jul-18 ISUCRS Peritoneal lavage in Diverticulitis Hinchey III

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