Any member of the International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons is welcome to invite the Society to have a future meeting hosted by her/him. Before submitting an application the following are some of the more important considerations that should forgo the application.

1. Place – The meeting should be held in a large Metropolis accessible for international transportation. There should be facilities in the hotel or congress center to accommodate at least fifteen hundred registrants including accompanying persons. If the proposed meeting is to be held at the hotel, there should be appropriate facilities available for all ancillary functions. The place should be attractive from a scientific – and preferably also have a touristic – point of view.

2. Program Chairman – The host must have sufficient support services to help organize a complex international meeting. The resources should include but not be limited to the availability of junior surgical staff, computer services, and university back-up.

3. Finances – The Society does not offer any up-front or later supplementary funds to organize a meeting. The sponsor must be able to independently support the budget for the conference without resorting to very high registration fees. Support from the governmental agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, and advertisers should be explored before making the bid for having the congress.

4. The person extending the invitation should officially convey a written proposal to the Chairman of the Future Meetings Committee and to the Director-General at least two years, but preferably four years, in advance. He should be prepared to make a personal presentation at the Council Meeting, with all available background.

5. The recommendations should be made by the Future Meetings Committee to the Council for at least two projected meetings in the future. The places and dates should be finalized and should be adhered to, except for unavoidable circumstances. Any leftover money following the meeting should be forwarded to the Treasurer General of the Society

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