Video Library

ISUCRS Video Library offers free access to a large video database on colorectal surgery created by experts and researchers on all over the world.

How to submit your video?

– The video should have a maximum duration of 15 minutes and should be a minimum of MP4, 1080p.
– The videos should include audio narration in English (where appropriate, videos should include a case presentation, preparation of the patient, position, a step-by-step description of the procedure, and results).
– At least one of the authors must be a member of ISUCRS or have applied for membership.
– Videos should be submitted online through the form below.
– The educational committee of ISUCRS will review all videos before approving them for inclusion in its video library.

Video Categories

– Benign disease
– Proctology
– Neoplastic disease
– Inflammatory bowel disease
– Pelvic floor disorders
– Other

Please click here to submit your video

You are required to apply and submit your video through the form above. If your video size is larger than 150 MB, please send the video by at

Key Points

  • The principal investigators of this study will be Dr. Audrius Dulskas, Mr. Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, and Dr. Povilas Kavaliauskas. The audit is registered under King’s College Hospital, London, SE5 9RS, UK.
  • Registration to participate as an investigation center must be done via the completion of a registration form. All registered sites must have at least one investigator who is an active fellow of ISUCRS.
  • Every local investigator site must gain approval from for this audit from their own local audit boards to participate.
  • The project will be administered by ISUCRS. The publication will be authored under one main group name (ISUCRS collaborative group). All research collaborator names (a maximum of 3 from each registering site) will then be listed as authors on the publication

We would like to invite all ISUCRS members to participate by filling out the form provided below.

​For more information about this audit please see the PDF guideline here.

LARS Audit Registration Form

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