This Society founded in Mexico City, Mexico on November 24, 1962, shall be known as the International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons.


The purpose of this society shall be to contribute to the progress of Colon and Anorectal Surgery, and to hold congresses and meetings throughout the world in order to interchange scientific knowledge. 

  • The International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeon Founded in November 1962 by Drs. Harry Bacon, Stuart Ross, and Fidel Ruiz-Moreno, proposed that members of the Society would contribute to the field of Colon and Anorectal Surgery by holding international meetings in order to share their scientific knowledge.


  • Has been an international society since its inception and continues to be represented in 80 countries.


  • Bestows prestigious honor to members of the Society consisting of a worldwide network of colon and rectal surgeons and professors with an academic interest, and general surgeons with an emphasis on colon and rectal surgery who are affiliated with a university.


  • Is cognizant of the varying income levels around the world and wants all members to have the opportunity to attend our meetings by keeping registration fees low.


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"The Rectal Cancer Conundrum - Modernization of the TNM Staging System"


Saturday, August 1st, 2020

13:00-14:00 GMT

(please click below for your local time & to join the meeting)

Dr. Richard Fortunato




Surgical Lead Physician for Colorectal Disease & Co-chair Pelvic Floor Center, Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute


Co-moderator for the NPARC Rectal Cancer Center of Excellence Tumor Board, 


ISUCRS Treasurer

Rectal cancer staging has had a long evolution. In 1926, Lockhart-Mummery was first to propose a staging system for rectal cancer. Rectal cancer staging provides critical information concerning the extent of the disease. The information gained from staging is used to determine prognosis, to guide management, and to assess response to therapy. Accurate staging is essential for directing the multidisciplinary approach to therapy. In his lecture, Dr. Fortunate will talk about the evolution of staging systems, the rationale for staging, and current methods used to stage rectal cancer and the need to for modernization of the TNM staging for rectal cancer.


Yogesh Palshetkar, India

Khaled Madbouly, Egypt



Ricardo Escalante, Venezuala

Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, UK

Narimantas Samalavicius, Lithuania

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Executive Board Members


Ho-Kyung Chun




South Korea

Kotaro Maeda


Vice President



Narimantas Samalavicius


President Elect



Joseph Nunoo-Mensah


Director General



Philip F. Caushaj


Past President 2016-18



Woo Yong Lee​


Secretary General


South Korea

Feza Remzi

Director of Int’l Advisory Committee