The International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons was founded in November 1962 by Drs. Harry Bacon, Stuart Ross, and Fidel Ruiz-Moreno proposed that members of the Society hold international meetings to exchange scientific knowledge within the field of colon and anorectal surgery. Since its inception, the Society has been represented in over 80 countries.This Society aims to advance colon and anorectal surgery by holding congresses and meetings throughout the world for the purpose of exchanging scientific information.


The purpose of this society shall be to contribute to the progress of Colon and Anorectal Surgery, and to hold congresses and meetings throughout the world in order to interchange scientific knowledge).

The Society has been an international one since its inception and today it continues to be represented in 80 countries.

ISUCRS bestows prestigious honor to members of the Society consisting of a worldwide network of colon and rectal surgeons and professors with an academic interest, and general surgeons with an emphasis on colon and rectal surgery who are affiliated with a university.

The Society is cognizant of the different income levels throughout the world, and registration fees are kept to a minimum to ensure that members from all backgrounds are able to attend our meetings. In addition, all ISUCRS members now have free access to the World Journal of Colorectal Surgery, the Society’s official online, open access journal.


Now offers free access to the World Journal of Colorectal Surgery, the ISUCRS official on-line, open access journal to all Society members.

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