This Society shall have six classes of membership which you may apply to:

1. Fellows
2. Candidate Members
3. Allied Health Professional Members
4. Retired Fellows
5. Honorary Fellows
6. Honorary Members

Applicant Process & Review

You may join ISUCRS by completing the membership application and specifying the category in which you wish to be included.

Cycle Dates

• The executive board reviews applications on a monthly basis.
• Upon approval of the membership application, the applicant will receive a letter of approval and an invoice for the membership fee.

Membership Fees

• Fellows – $100/annually or $270 for 3 years. No registration fee.
• Candidate Members – $50 annually. No registration fee.
• Allied Health Professional Members – $50 annually. No registration fee.
• Honorary Fellows/Member & Retired Fellows – No annual fee. No registration fee.

Qualifications for Membership

1. Fellowship/Members

To be eligible for fellowship in this Society the candidate must:

• have a medical degree or an osteopathic degree
• be a surgeon who practices colon and rectal surgery
• have an affiliation with a medical school, have academic interest in Colon and Rectal Surgery or non-university affiliated position
• be certified by the General Surgery Board and/or Colon and Rectal Surgery Board of the country in which the candidate resides if such specialization board exists within the country of the applicant. If such a Board does not exist, the candidate should have training in surgery that would qualify him/her for to take such Boards and if this is not available, the applicant must be actively practicing colon and rectal surgery within that country.

2. Candidate Members

To be eligible for candidate member in this Society the candidate must:
• The requirements for candidate membership status shall be graduates from a medical school or osteopathic school of medicine acceptable to the Executive Board of the Society. Candidates must have current status as either:
• A resident or fellow enrolled in an accredited program of surgical education or research in either general surgery or colon and rectal surgery.
• A surgeon who has completed an accredited surgical education program in colon and rectal surgery, is enrolled in a general surgery residency program and/or pursuing a career in colon and rectal surgery, and/or is in active process of board certification within his/her country – if applicable.

3. Allied Health Professional Members

Allied Health Professional membership will be available for eligible nurses, surgical technicians, physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, endoscopy technicians, and other interested allied health personnel actively engaged in the field of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

4. Retired Fellows

A Fellow with good standing in this Society, who has retired from the active practice of surgery for reasons of health or age, may apply in writing to the Executive Board for the status of Retired Fellow.

5. Honorary Fellows

A surgeon who is eligible under Article IV, Section II (A) of these By-laws, who has attained the age of 65 years and who, in the opinion of the Executive Board, has contributed significantly to the advancement of surgery of the colon and rectum, may be nominated for Honorary Fellowship by a Fellow of the Society with four additional sponsors who are Fellows in good standing. This nomination must be approved a majority of the Executive.

6. Honorary Members

A lay person who by his/her benevolences, contributions and philanthropies has evidenced profound interest in the furtherance of the international good will and education, particularly as regards surgery of the colon and rectum, may be nominated by any member of the Executive Board for Honorary Membership and submitted to Executive Board for approval.

To Apply for Membership

Please fill out and submit the online application form as instructed.
Upon receipt of your application, the Executive Board will review it monthly, and you will be informed of the outcome.
The invoice is organized after the membership application is approved and payable in following one month.

$100 /1 year
  • For attending / consultant surgeons.





$270 /3 year
  • For attending / consultant surgeons.




Candidate Members
$50 /1 year
  • For interns, residents, fellows in training.



Non-MD/DO & Allied Health Professional Members
$50 /1 year
  • For any Non - MD/DO, physician assistants & nurse practitioners

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