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Dear Colleague

Thank for visiting this NEW ISUCRS members only site which will be live from January 2019


To gain access to the rest of these members only pages you must be an active member of ISUCRS during the year commencing January.

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From January 2019 this NEW ISUCRS members site will have information on:

  • Access to the ISUCRS Membership listing (coming in 2019) including contacts email etc.

  • Every 1/4 we aim to provide free educational information e.g. lectures (videos - See sample below), webinar conference, live streaming videos etc..

  • Journal club with recommended readings from selected articles from leading coloproctology over the last 1/4

  • Provide an application for ISUCRS to support an educational event hosted by yourself/, colleagues, hospital or colorectal society

  • Blog site

  • Young colorectal surgeon's group

  • Access to having up to 10 free pictures from the 2018 ISUCRS London 2018 Biennial congress

  • and lots more...

To gain access to NEW ISUCRS members section


  1. you must register your email address you must first sign up in the top right hand corner of the home page

  2. Please register with the email address you use for corresponce with ISUCRS

  3. After signing up you request will be approved the ISUCRS Executive director before you gain access to the members only site

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Ho-Kyung Chun

ISUCRS President