The International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons…

  • Founded in November 1962 by Drs. Harry Bacon, Stuart Ross, and Fidel Ruiz-Moreno, proposed that members of the Society would contribute to the field of Colon and Anorectal Surgery by holding international meetings in order to share their scientific knowledge.

  • Has been an international society since its inception and continues to be represented in 80 countries.

  • Bestows prestigious honor to members of the Society consisting of a worldwide network of colon and rectal surgeons and professors with an academic interest, and general surgeons with an emphasis on colon and rectal surgery who are affiliated with a university.

  • Is cognizant of the varying income levels around the world and wants all members to have the opportunity to attend our meetings by keeping registration fees low.

  • Now offers free access to the World Journal of Colorectal Surgery, the ISUCRS official on-line, open access journal to all Society members.

  • Welcomes any member of the society to host a future meeting site by completing an application form.

Eligibility requirements for fellowship in the Society:

  • Be a doctor of medicine.

  • Be a surgeon practicing highly creditable major colon and rectal surgery.

  • Have affiliation with a medical school (or have academic interest).

  • Preferably have professorial status.

  • Be certified by the General Surgery or Colon and Rectal Surgery Board of the country in which the candidate resides. If such a Board does not exist, the candidate should have training in surgery that would qualify him to take such Boards.

  • Be a fellow of the candidate’s national College of Surgeons or its equivalent as determined by the Executive Board of this Society.


Applications are reviewed twice a year in January and July.

Deadline for complete applications for January review period is December 31st.

Deadline for complete applications for July review period is June 30th.


The dues structure is a two-tier system based on the per capita income of each country.
To find the tier group for your country, please 
click here to view the list.

  • Active1 Members pay annual dues of $150 USD per year.

  • Active2 Members pay annual dues of $100 USD per year.

  • Fellows and Residents pay annual dues of $75 USD per year.

Annual dues invoices are on the calendar year and payable January 1st of each year.



  • APPLICATION FORM: You have two options for completing the application form. The easiest and more preferable option is to complete the on line application form below. A printable version is available also (click here).

  • CIRRICULUM VITAE: Submit one (1) copy of your most current CV. This can be sent by mail, as an email attachment, or fax.

  • APPLICATION FEE: Include $50 application fee. Checks (USD only) made payable to ISUCRS may be mailed or payment by MasterCard or VISA credit cards. Credit card information can be given at the end of the on line application form or written on the printable version.


Mailing Address: 


109 Partin Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27514